Vision and Values

“Children at the heart; Inspiring Futures”

Our Vision for Ackton Pastures Primary Academy is to ensure that every pupil achieves academic and personal excellence through an engaging and ambitious curriculum which nurtures individual talents, develops creative and critical thinking and secures problem-solving and reasoning skills, in order to ensure they achieve their absolute best and reach their potential as a successful part of our global community.

Our values:

At the very heart of our curriculum are our core values that all are expected to demonstrate in all that they do: being respectful, responsible and resilient. All school staff recognise children when they display these core values. As part of our wider values curriculum, we learn the importance of being aspirational, taking pride, being honest and showing kindness.

Each half term, we study a focus value while making links to our learning and our families. We share these values in our assemblies, in our classrooms and around the school, where children are recognised for demonstrating the focus value.

British Values:

Pupils across school are also encouraged to recognise the importance of British Values and how they can help us make greater contributions to our wider world. We explore these values throughout our weekly Picture News lessons, discussing relevant worldwide topics and how we can respond as a good British citizen.