Online Safety

With the increasing use of technology by children, it is more important than ever that they learn how to use the internet responsibly.

The National Curriculum for Computing covers many aspects of safety and ensures that children learn to keep themselves safe online. As a school, we also promote Safer Internet Day, to really focus on online safety, ensuring that children have a thorough understanding of online safety.

This includes learning about topics such as; online bullying, the importance of passwords and how to stay safe on social media. In school, we also discuss topics such as fake news and advertising, so children are well informed to make safe decisions. Children need to know how to keep themselves safe, as well as how to react if they encounter unsafe content or feel uncomfortable online. We always emphasise the importance of keeping adults informed of their activities online.

If you would like to further promote esafety with your children, here are some links that you could use:

Useful Websites for Children

Useful Websites for Parents

Online Safety Graphic