SMSC & British Values

Our core values are intertwined throughout our curriculum, and school, to support our children’s Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual education. We strive to provide meaningful contexts for British Values and SMSC to support and guide our pupil’s understanding of why and how they underpin our society. These principles inform our values- based curriculum.

Our relationships are built upon respect for others, and the knowledge of how to care for and appreciate the people around us. We value the friendships we make, as they teach us the important to accept and embrace our differences. We expect everyone to show tolerance amongst our community and the courage to protect those values, to enable everyone to live together peacefully. Through working together, we recognise that we open doors to grow and develop our endless possibilities to enable us to achieve our hopes and dreams.  We strive to become independent, responsible members of society. Through trust and understanding, we can support and guide each other to creating a community where everyone is valued, respected and recognised.

By working together, we can build upon our understanding, and that of others, to create an environment at Ackton Pastures that we are proud of.