Learning Mentor

Mrs Stringwell is our Learning Mentor Manager. Her role in school is to work with children to help remove barriers to learning to ensure that all children in school can learn well and achieve their full potential. This may involve working with pupils on a 1:1 basis, working with them in a small group or working alongside them and their grown-ups at home. Mrs Stringwell works hard to make sure that everyone comes to school every day, has good attendance and punctuality and is ready for their day in order that they can learn well. She is very good at listening and helping people to solve problems that sometimes make them unhappy or behave in a different way.

Part of Mrs Stringwell’s role is also to be available to work with parents and carers in order to support them with any concerns they may have such as:

  • Worries about your child’s behaviour and parenting difficulties
  • Any problems in school e.g. your child getting upset about coming to school, bullying etc.
  • Bereavement
  • Parental separation
  • Domestic violence

You can contact Mrs Stringwell by ringing school on 01977 802322 to arrange a meeting.

Mrs Stringwell

Learning Mentor Manager